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USAfrica: The Chima family in Los Angeles hosts wake in honor of their late mother with dignity, style....

By Dr. Chido Nwangwu in Los Angeles
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In the calm evening of Friday September 23, 2011 way into the break of dawn of Saturday the Igbo and Nigerian communities across the Los Angeles areas of California came out, not just in hundreds but with their hearts and families, to join the family of late Madam Grace Dede Chima to attend the wake keeping in her honor.

The dignified and memorable event was ably hosted by the late grand dame's daughters namely Mrs. Kathy Olunkwa (of the famous Zebrudaya-Masquerade comedy in Nigeria; Dr. Christine McDaniels and Princess Nnenna Unaka, national President of Umuada Igbo USA and the diaspora).

The grand children of the late dame were equally present; with the dedicated support of the Umuada Igbo California, Adaugo, Obinwanne associations, Isuikwuato, Abba, Abia State, Imo State and several groups and hundreds of friends and in-laws.

One of the pillars of the community Dr. Solo Egbuho mastered and coordinated the ceremonies with the outstanding support of Ben Nkemere, Anthony & Anthonia Ofoha, Adanma Unaka-Ogbogu, Jesse Ogo Ogbuefi, Adaku Olumba, Chidi Ugwueze (HillKing), Ada Okoro, Ify Chime, Mike Ogele, Amaechi Akalemeaku, Toby Madubuko, and several others.

The versatile musical group Umunna performed to the delight of the families and guests.

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